Studio Services

Corrective Skin Care Treatments and Facial Infusions
A facial designed just for your skin type. With the best of science and nature combined.  Your skin will be cleansed, gently exfoliated, toned hydrated and balanced.Skin specific nutrients are layered onto the skin for maximum results.Varying styles of massage may be used to enhance relaxation or stimulate lymphatic flow, or to penetrate nutrient rich serums.Pores are tightened and cleared.A variety of active “skin specific Osmosis Liposomal Powders” may be included to enhance results, as well as aromatherapy oils or other  anti-aging components.Hydration, nutrients and radiance are restored and your skin looks beautiful. Acne Facials are an additional $15.
Enhance the benefits of your foundational facial, with one or more of the following: Pomegranate Peel:  Restores luminosity and balances oil production in the skin with pomegranate seed, L-Lactic Acid from yogurt, resveratrol from red wine, and green tea. $15.
Oxygen and Vitamin Serum:
Rebuild healthy cell tissue from the inside out with pure medical grade oxygen and vitamins A,B,C,D & E.This mixture combines to uplift the skin, hydrate fine lines,
refreshes, re-vitalizes, and rebuilds healthy skin.
Purely Age-Defying Firming Facial Mask:A powerful blend of anti-aging botanicals are combined with Vitamin C to  assist in collagen synthesis, hydration and pigmented skin tones. The face and neck are firmed and toned.     Firm & Sculpt Lifting Serum, this powerful serum is added which diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and instantly firms with  Asian Pepper extract. $20.
Purely Bright Facial Mask:Addresses dull, uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. With a powerful blend of botanicals and VitaBrightKX; including Kakadu Plum, Citrus Unshiu Peel, African Birch Extract & Ascorbly Glucoside. Hyperpigmentation is greatly diminished while the skins surface looks brighter and the skin tone more even.     Moisture Repair Boosting Serum, this serum will instantly hydrate,plump and smooth dehydrated skin. $20.
Osmosis Facial Fusion:For deeper anti-aging results add a combination of 20 bio-active ingredients, including Retinadehyde, Copper Peptides and R-Lipoic acid.All increase collagen production, diminish age spots and hyperpigmentation, address fine lines and wrinkles to create brighter healthier skin.

  • Calms acne and Rosacea
  • Reduces fine lines, improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Thickens the dermal skin layer
  • Formulated for your skin’s specific needs and desired results
  • Eliminates hyper-pigmentation
  • Supports collagen formation
Facial Infusion$135.4=$440.

Medi-facial infusion:


4 =$500

 Pre-Facial Infusion products are recommended
Waxing: (For face ) $15 and up
Waxing: (for body) $ 20 and up
Dermal Blading:
Remove unwanted facial hair and receive a deep exfoliation treatment at the same time!

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